Protect AI Innovation and Consumer Rights: Stop Big Tech's Monopolization of AI

Urging the FTC to Ensure Fair Competition and Ethical Development in the AI Industry

Dear Chair Lina Khan,

We urge the FTC to address the growing control Big Tech companies have over the development of generative artificial intelligence. Investments and partnerships between Big Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Anthropic, and OpenAI are undermining competition within the AI sector.

It has become increasingly apparent that Big Tech’s influence within AI startups is far from benign. AI has the potential to transform our lives for the better, but only if it is developed in a fair and competitive environment. We support the FTC’s investigation into these companies’ control over AI and ask for measures to ensure a diverse and competitive AI industry. This includes promoting competition, protecting consumer data, and enforcing ethical AI practices.

AI should benefit everyone, not just a few powerful corporations. We urge the FTC to take decisive action to prevent Big Tech from monopolizing this crucial technology and to protect the interests of consumers.

Thank you for addressing this critical issue.

Women sitting at a desk

It’s time to stop the monopolization of generative AI. Will you join us?