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Tech Accountability and Antitrust Advocates Support DOJ Investigation in Apple Supply Chain Abuse

NextGen Competition joined a broad coalition of allies calling for a Department of Justice investigation into Apple’s anticompetitive dealings with chip maker TSMC.

Apr 16, 2024

Apple holds a dominant position in various consumer electronics sectors, making it one of the top purchasers of electronic components globally. TSMC stands as the premier foundry for silicon chips, crafting cutting-edge chips essential for AI, data centers, and mobile and wireless technologies. Last summer's reports [highlighted]( that as TSMC's principal client, Apple has utilized its purchasing influence to obtain favorable pricing and exclusive access to TSMC’s entire supply of the latest 3nm chips for one year. This exclusivity poses challenges for competitors, who are forced to equip their upcoming smartphone models with inferior technology, potentially impacting their ability to compete with Apple's iPhone.