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Statement on EU Antitrust Charges Filed Against Google's Online Ad Dominance

EU Seeks to Breakup Google's Anti-Competitive Ad Business

Jun 14, 2023

The following statement can be attributed to George Rakis, Executive Director for NextGen Competition (

NextGen Competition applauds today’s decision by the EU to begin breaking up Google’s digital ad monopoly. For years, the tech giant has used its dominant position throughout the ad tech stack to favor its own services, extract monopoly rents, and squash potential competitors. This behavior harms the entire Internet ecosystem, but in particular small businesses who rely on digital advertising to make ends meet. We agree with the European Commission’s assessment that Google’s dominance across the entire ad tech chain presents an inherent conflict of interest, and no company should be in this position let alone leverage it for market manipulation that lines its coffers. We urge other policymakers to join the EU in taking action against Google’s ad monopoly as well as other Big Tech companies who abuse their position to the detriment of consumers and competition.

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Our mission is to support a robust and competitive technology ecosystem by opposing anti-competitive business practices and promoting greater industry accountability. Specifically, we oppose consolidation in the industry that undermines worker protections and employer accountability, threatens data privacy and security, encourages market concentration, and limits consumer choice. NextGen Competition intends to work with a broad coalition of unions and public interest partners as it seeks to oppose anti-competitive business practices.